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John Hinde Collection hits the Photographer's Gallery

I can never go too long without a post mentioning John Hinde's postcards. And it was starting to feel like it was about time to get his gloriously technicoloured 1960s and 70s images out again... how good to hear from Michelle Abadie and Marcus Davies of the John Hinde Collection with some news about our shared photographic hero.

Being able to see the original images that were retouched to create postcards such as this one, of Crooklets Beach in Devon, is fascinating for fans of the John Hinde studio. I've seen the original of this first-hand and the grass was bald and yellowing and if you think the sea and sky look suspect... well, they're not from Devon.

The duo have invested a vast amount of time and love into obtaining and restoring the original Hinde photographs and, fascinatingly, printing them up in their naked states – before the company's distinctive re-touching took place (swapping drizzly Morecambe skies for dazzling Greek ones, or giving drably dressed holidaymakers a primary colour makeover – more of which you can read about here, along with some of the mad tales from the dedicated team of photographers who worked for Hinde, camping out all summer long laboriously setting up elaborate and heavily peopled shots for the next season's picture postcard range...).

And now their images, which you can buy from the John Hinde Collection online, will be held by the Photographer's Gallery in London, so you can go to see them in all their glorious technicolour close-up. Get in touch with the Print Sales department at the gallery to find out more:


  1. Great postcard, thank you for showing this! The grass is certainly greener than in real life but the see and sky can often look like that in Devon and in Cornwall! : )

  2. Actually, yes - I know that to be true. Family from St Ives where the colours are amazing. But the grass, ahem... looks great though!