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Wish lists

Last night a new reader on Twitter said she had loved the Neisha Crosland vinyl floor tiles I featured a while back – and that she'd added them to her wish list.

It got me thinking about wish-lists, what what would be on mine. And then I remembered I had written out a far more prosaic list around a year ago, and stuck it to my fridge door. Twelve months later, I have done precisely two things from it ('snails' and 'dispose of fence' in case you are interested – how glamorous I am – am I the only person with such a dull wish-list?).

But last year was an epic DIY adventure, and it tired me out a bit (especially this part). So roll on the spring and maybe I can cross some things off that damn list at long last.

Meanwhile, I can avoid it with much more interesting shopping wish lists, which I can handily store  right here, rather than on lists stuck on the fridge. Here are a few less boring things on my house wish list...

This ingenious sofa-arm shelf for sale on Etsy (but from Blisscraft and Brazen, a reclaimed wood design store based in Canada, but easy to get a good joiner to make one up for you if you are elsewhere in the world).

A beautiful portrait of a good face, painted in oils, like one of these by Kai Samuels-Davis.

A set of Pretty Pegs, top, for my green sofa, above, which has not very nice ones. Or I may even just finally get around to painting them... when I can decide on a colour...


  1. I have a very similar list.

  2. That is comforting to hear. We are both boring!