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Megan Morton's book

I love this book. It isn't published until April, but here 
is a very small teaser.

It is, appropriately, called 'Things I Love', and is by Sydney-based interiors stylist
Megan Morton.

Megan's philosophy is that rooms are made beautiful – chiefly – by the 'human element'; the 'interest in and love of the things in them', which no amount of skilful styling can fake. True, of course. Though good styling can make those things sparkle – and Megan's style here is pleasingly un-contrived. (Well, as un-contrived as a book by an interiors stylist could be – it might not pass the Fuck Your Noguchi Table test... but almost. Anyway, you can't do this job without loving some gratuitous positioning – or colour-themed bookshelves – in this job).

The book is pretty different to your average interiors book: it's divided into four sections – one about inspiring creative people (just nice Q&As with them and photos of stuff that shows their taste)...

...another includes tear-out postcards with image that might spark a copycat idea – flower oil painting 'portraits', cheese grater candle holders – or simply some text, as with the one that begins 'Four brave decorating moves'.

It also – of course – shows off lots of interesting real homes – including Megan's own, above and this, below, which appeals to my wooden cladding obsession.

The best bit of this unconventional and idea-inspiring book, maybe, is the back section, which includes (illustrated!) gems such as 'how to communicate with visual people' (using a shoebox)... Megan's take on what makes 'good' clutter, and what is 'bad' clutter – and 'how to fold a fitted sheet.' I have for years accepted there was no way to do the latter... but now I know.

I also can't hate the gatefold 'Home Love Manifesto' section, and not only because of its disdain for feature walls, but also for nuggets such as: 'A mobile is a lot cheaper to replace than a chandelier','Turn your clock radio to the salsa station for a change' and, hear hear, 'Even if something is expensive, it only has value if you love it'.

'Things I Love' is published by Conran Octopus, at £25 

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