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Camille Walala: exclusive prints

The weather's getting worse! And I've got a horrible cold! I can't say I'm looking forward to those long rugged cliff-top walks planned for this weekend's jaunt to Cornwall. In fact, I'd rather stay in and eat cake for three days in front of the wood-burning stove in the cottage we've hired.

But the tiny hound needs his walks come freezing fog or icy winds. Anyway. I'm digressing because what I wanted to share are these antidotes for winter.

I love Camille Walala's excellently joyful work. It's not for everyone, and if you stare at it too long it does make your eyes go funny, but her clashing patterns and primary colours and smiley messages make me very happy. 

A massive one of these on my bedroom wall, as the first thing I'd see each morning? YES. That'd set me right up.

And if they don't cheer you up, go with the cake option too. A radiator would do... These three prints are for sale exclusively at CultureLabel, and prices start at £30 and go up to £60 for each, depending on which of the three sizes you pick.

Against a plain background is how I'd do it. It's not, as you might imagine, how Camille herself, below, would do it. I'm not sure I could live in a whole Walala house... could you?

See more of her interior design and all the other mad colourful things she sells on the Walala website.


  1. Hello Kate,

    I just wanted to say that I've been reading your blog for at least a year and I really love it. I look forward to reading it every morning before I settle down to work but I've never posted a comment. And then my friend Miriam posted a comment last week after I told her to look you up and I thought God I'm so rubbish - just tell Kate that her blog is brilliant and please don't stop - so that's what I'm doing now. Your blog is a joy to read and thank you for writing it. And I loved the website FYNT that you posted about last week. It made me laugh for ages. Okay so now this is probably too long isn't it? I feel like I don't totally get comment posting etiquette! I'm going to stop now. Have a lovely day. Best wishes, Katie

    1. Hi Katie. Your message has totally made my day! Thank you for leaving such a marvellous comment – length, questioning of length, referencing of Miriam and all. Ha! Brilliant. Really, it is very, very nice to hear. Thank you so much - and say hi to MIriam!