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Little Nan's Deptford

Last week, Abi reviewed this unusual bar in southeast London for Below the River, a new website I've just launched (for those of you south of the Thames in London, and friends of, I'd love to know what you think).

There wasn't room to feature all the images of the bar's excellently quirky domestic interior designed, literally, to replicate the owner's "nan's front room". So here are some more.

If you, too, like old-school sound systems like this, you can see some more over here.

You may remember last summer I posted about Bestival's chief beautifier, Josie da Bank, who also decorated using a wall of antique teacups, but in quite a different way. See the pictures here.

Pierrot doll wallpaper: anyone born in time to remember the mid-1980s will remember these slightly creepy renditions of seventeenth century French clowns; a look also – incongruously – adopted by punks.

The bar's unassumingly scruffy entrance.

Little Nan's is in Deptford. The design  (and first image) are by Matt Sargent. All images (bar lead one) by Abi Zakarian.


  1. I've been here. For one thing, it's an absolute shithole. The room smells faintly of damp, and it is in the middle of an extremely rough area. The staff are horrifically rude. I mean just horrendous, not just bad service but veiled abuse. Really nasty, to the point of being intimidating. Yes, that bad. We were strangers to the area but we walked in with a warm, open and friendly demeanor, and we were met with the worst attitude.

    The drinks are vile, and while they may seem quite reasonably priced compared to most drinks menus in London, when you taste them you realise how overpriced they are, especially when you consider this bar is slap bang in a very, very scary part of London.

    Overall it is completely grim - avoid, avoid, avoid!

    1. Hot foot it back to where you came you wimp! Extremely rough area? Very very scary part of London? Deptford? Oh please.

    2. "The staff are horrifically rude. I mean just horrendous, not just bad service but veiled abuse. Really nasty, to the point of being intimidating."

      "warm, open and friendly demeanor" Loud, up yourself and taking up twice as much space as normal human beings more like it.

      In that you are a simpering spineless slimeball who posts derogatory remarks on blogs anonymously it is not really surprising that you find Deptford rough and scary.

      I have to admit that I have been avoiding the place out of fear that it would attract people like you. In that you were treated with the contempt that you so obviously deserve, I am more than tempted to pop in.

  2. I LOVE Little Nan's!!!
    The idea is really charming, and there will definitely be something your nan had in her front room here. As you can see from the pics, it's all been dressed and set up with cute memorabilia and is full of REAL vintage props. I think its been really well done. There's nothing like it around. The spiced rum punch is -fantastic-! The staff are really friendly. I've never had any gripe from them or problems with drinks. Most of which are mainstream branded goods anyways, plus there's fun cocktails which come in THE cutest teapots. There are two people on the bar, maybe three on a Saturday night means you are never waiting long to be served; as the venue is small entrance numbers are limited so go early because it gets full fast especially on Fridays and Saturdays.
    I've been to Little Nan's 3 times now, and have NEVER experienced what 'Anonymous' has commented above, at ANY time, (like seriously?! have you actually been?) Been to two great parties there as well as a regular Friday. -definitely- will be going back.

  3. Its a shame you experienced that. I live round the corner and find this bar and Deptford in general a very interesting and fun place - not the scary place you seem to be describing it as!

    My personal experience of Little Nan's was fun and we will be returning! The staff were friendly and the teacup/mugs they serve drinks in added to the strange fairy tale experience, a great pop-up venue.

  4. I've been here too and seemed to have had a much better experience than the person above. Cocktails served in teapots and china mugs were lovingly presented, tasty and reasonably priced. There was also a good selection of bottled beers and I think some on draft that were really cheap too. I live in the area, and while it can be a bit rough around the edges, it feels alive and is full of character. I've lived in New Cross for 2 years now and have never had any trouble - I wouldn't describe it at very, very scary...not any scarier than any other part of London anyway!

    It's a shame the above person has been so negative about the place. I think it's really nice to see somewhere doing something different and trying their best. Don't go expecting luxury - it's just a bit of fun! I hope it goes really well for them :)

  5. We live up the road (NX) and this is a great pop up, if it stays permanently then good stuff. We found out about it on Facebook. Good times, laid back, everyone's chilled out, and the manager has put in a lot of graft to make the place personable. I recommend it.

    hahaha about 'very very scary' its no rougher than any other part of town...
    ok 'Anonymous' hipster, time to get back on the tube to Turnham Green yes? you'll feel a lot safer in Chiswick in a nice Bar One somewhere on the high road....

    1. Aaah but some people's Chiswick is another man's Compton!!

  6. And the debate carries on over here ('Anonymous' interestingly/very diligently posted the same comment on both sites)

  7. I don't live in Chiswick or drink in soulless chain bars. I actually live on Mare St in Hackney, so I'm hardly sheltered. My own personal experience is that I found the place a bit more intimidating than most parts of town. That could be in part due to the intimidating service I encountered at this filthy bar.

    It seems everyone who had a good experience lives around the corner or up the road. Maybe they just aren't very welcoming to people from outside the area, and deliberately made poor drinks for us too.

    And by the way Bill, we were in no way being loud or taking up too much space. There were two of us, and we are fairly quiet people in our early thirties who had our night out spoiled by the toothless, flat capped, trustafarian who owns the place.

    1. After reading your negative comments and other guys positive comments, I was intriqued to find out for myself what Little Nan's Bar was really like. After the initial shock of having to walk down a dingy but safe alleyway, we opened the door into a little oasis - Little Nan's Bar with a lovely smell of spiced apple juice brewing, it was so quaint, cosy and just as a Nans lounge would look like. Everyone were enjoying themselves and were very friendly. The bar staff were very welcoming and the service was excellent. There was a great selection of drinks and very reasonably priced. The guy in the flat cap, you say was the owner, we found very friendly with a great sense of humour. I think you need to get your eyes tested or get stronger glasses if you think he was a 'flat capped, toothless, trustafarian'. We thought he was really good-looking with a lovely set of white teeth, and how can you call him a trustafarian if you don't know him?

      My Idea of you, is that you are an unsocialable wimp, who is jealous of anybody trying to make a go of a new adventure which takes guts and imagination, which you probably don't have.

      We will certainly be going back again.

  8. You find the place intimidating!?! The bar is called 'Little Nans' and is set up like a 'nan's living room' find this intimidating?
    I've been there a few times and had a great time. Staff were ridiculously friendly and helpful. I think your bad experience reflects more on you than it does the bar.

    I would also suggest leaving out any tasteless names about people you don't know in your blog 'reviews' as well - makes you look a bit silly...

  9. I'm confused as to how you didn't look like locals unless you had Hackney tattooed across your forehead?

    As for Deptford being intimidating, you can only see what you observe....I completely disagree with your perception of both this delightful bar or Deptford!

    We spent a lovely evening there on Saturday, drinking both cocktails, Tiger and Meantime ale. Everyone was really open and attentive

    The only person missing anything, in fact is not the barman but you and your manners it would seem...

  10. I'm also very surprised to hear the staff were unfriendly. Trustan and the rest of the guys behind the bar couldn't have been more accommodating.

    And they didn't know I was planning to review it either.

  11. This is very funny, I must check this place out for my self