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Two dogs in a
(wood-panelled) bath

Yes. On one hand it's a shamelessly gratuitous photo of two cute Jack Russells in a bath. And more so because the one on the right is Reggie, and he belongs to me. The other pup is his special lady friend, and she's called Pepper. And the reason it's not entirely gratuitous...

...well, it is really. But taking the photo (which I did for this story about how Reggie and Pepper got so dirty) reminded me about bath panels. And how hard it was to find a solution for mine. Can you tell what it's made of?

What I found was that bath panels are nearly all vile. And that the only way around it was to improvise. So yes, this is garden decking. Pretty flashy garden decking though. It is a really beautiful wood that has a reddish tinge to it and the planks are nice and narrow, so even in the garden (where it was left over from) it doesn't look too B&Q. The stuff in the garden, however, is long-since sun-bleached and rain-bashed and a pallid shade of grey. This looks good as new.

It is screwed directly to the wooden joists that support the bath, so it's not something you can just lift off when there are the inevitable plumbing issues. It only takes a screwdriver though.

Other bath panel DIY jobs I've liked include a battered Victorian door, chopped to size and on its side. Anyone with any other bright examples, do drop me a line and I'll do a bigger post.

Meanwhile, I'm in cold Cornwall for a few days and must, alas, take the small hound out for his daily trot in the wild winds of Zennor.

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