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Colour-themed shelves part II

My good friend Vinnie has just moved into a new house. She's just assembled and arranged her new shelves there, to decorate a large blank wall. 

Our mutual friend Paul used to be my lodger; he's good at order (I'm less good) and so while he lived with me he was the technician behind my colour-co-ordinated shelves. So Vinnie heard about the shelves and decided to give the idea a go too. Here's how it went...

"As you'll see," she says, "I took colour coordination to a whole new level, matching vases and random stones and artwork to the different book coloured sections. Utterly ridic, but oh so fun."

Then I sent her a link to this page on the excellent Fuck Your Noguchi Table blog, and we congratulated ourselves on being total interiors wankers. 

What's the most design-ridiculous thing you've done to your home? 

My boyfriend saw a shop display that had books all facing the wrong way round – so you just see the pages end not the spine with the book name, and therefore can't find any books. He copied it. (He's a graphic designer. He liked the way the colour and texture looked.) What with my own occasional propensity for aesthetics-over-practicality, I do fear for the dignity of the house once he moves in... next week. I shall keep you posted with highlights. 


  1. You can see my cliche here: but hell, I like it!
    Loving the blog. I am doing a little sprucing and will post the results soon.
    Best wishes,

    1. The humanities shelf is spectacular. And I look forward to your posting of new spruces. Be sure to publicise its arrival! And say hi to Katie.

  2. Most of my home is an interior cliche but I'm a stylist and can't help bringing my work home. It's sad I know but it makes me happy, so what the .... I've just bought a huge drum, coldplay, Viva La Vida, styley, which is on the landing sitting at a jaunty angle. Who has a drum on the landing and why would it be there you might ask? Why because it is a thing of beauty and I would like to see it sitting proudly on that landing for a long time to come and you never know when you feeling like banging a drum, metaphorically or literally!

    1. I'd like to see a photo of that! It sounds brilliant. Show us?