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Man gifts and Swedish illustration

I've only recently discovered the Hambledon. It's an online shop that sells old and new things, and it is reasonably priced and well curated. 

I was going to write about their rather good fake green hydrangeas (oops, I have). I want some of those. They are my favourite ever flower to look at in a vase – so elegant. Abigail Ahern does them too, and John Lewis as well. But instead, I thought I'd man-up for today.

You don't have to get these for a chap you want to present with a present. I'm not big on gender-specific gifts. But. They are nice things for the man who likes his smart clothes, his bathroom to look nice or (like me) can't resist a hearty dose of 90s hip hop and RnB.

The stylish Marvis toothpaste is £5.50 (so tell him not to actually use it, just accessorise with it). If you like this, you'll love the bathroom department at Labour & Wait. Packaging-tastic. The 90s colouring book, £7.50 (very much along the lines of the legendary Ryan Gosling colouring book) is just a joyful thing to behold. You might even be able to decorate your walls with it after the colouring-in bit is done. Yeah, no probably not. Un Senor Elegante measures 50cm x 70cm (nice for a good old off-the-shelf frame) and just £19.50. All available from The Hambledon

The Senor print is by Swedish illustrator, Ingela Arrhenius, whose other work I recognised when I went to her website. She does lots of lovely prints and books for children...

...and also a few of these very good travel posters. Right from the 1960s...

There are also these. Possibly the best salt and pepper pots I've seen since these ones.

Their names are Pablo and Salvador. I don't know which is which. But I love them.


  1. I love Pablo and Salvador

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