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New Pedlars'
procrastination print

In praise of procrastination? Well. Why not? We're all either vastly under-employed, or hugely stretched these days (or, worst-case scenario: both). 

Apart from those clever types who have cracked life's code and got the balance just right, of course. You're out there tending to your chickens, having a non-rushed breakfast (of freshly-laid eggs), spending enough time with loved ones, not getting RSI etc. But if you're already there...

...get this new print from Pedlars. It's not about being lazy or wasting time – well, the latter a bit – but more about allowing the mind to wander, to make it happier because it's not incubating guilt and, in the end, more productive. Inspirational and beautifully designed suggestions include cloud-watching, doing nothing, and making now the time to sort your inbox.

Typographic art is a bit over-exposed, but there are still some un-cliched gems out there and this, for sure, is one. It is part of a tiny, limited edition run (yet more reason you won't be seeing your print on everyone else's wall) and measures 42cm x 42cm and costs £165, unframed. The artist behind it is recent Chelsea art school graduate, Sara Mererid Williams.

Then again, there's the other way of looking at things – and even if you're beating yourself up with guilt about everything you haven't done, at least you'll be laughing too while looking at this rather excellent  Kenneth Williams catchphrase print that I featured a while back. You could always alternate them.

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