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Karin Akesson: gifts for drinkers and marriers

And while I'm at it, another typographical print that I have been drawn to today.

While there is such a thing as too much typeface on one's wall, there are also the good and the twee – and I think this one falls into the former category. Well, it made me laugh.

Alcohol print, £25 (30cm x 40cm – so fits into a nice off-the-shelf frame), from CultureLabel.

The print is a limited edition, and is by Karin Akesson. I quite like Karin's nice Love Birds I, too (above). It sweetly has a partner piece, Pair of Love Birds; where the print you can see here shows the birds on separate branches, "meeting and falling in love", the second one shows them happily perched on a branch together. As she suggests, a good wedding present – and also priced £25 for the same size print.

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