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Some nice old green, blue and wood things. All together.

I've written about this spectacular secondhand and architectural salvage shop before. And a new Retrouvius stock list is always a cause for visual celebration.

And this lot features a favourite colour palette (green, blue and wood), so I am now mentally refurnishing my house.

And as my home is about to change quite a bit, because my boyfriend is moving in, I'm in the mood for switching things around. But I guess I need to let go of the decorating reins a little and let things in the house merge naturally. Which – you might be surprised to hear, I know he doesn't believe me – I am excited about (but any tips welcome!). Brilliantly, he has excellent taste (you might remember the world's best stool that he found). But we'll see how the excitement pans out in practice. Maybe I could just forward him this post... could I?

Above: the sofa with the cushions and that soft, pale chest of drawers are so beautiful together they could be a painting. Green on green and dusty pink. Mmm. And I love how the sleek chrome throws in a curveball.

Italian chrome aluminium pendant,£175+vat; two seater sofa re-upholstered in ex snooker table baise, £1,750+vat; Tweed & Kirsten Hecktermann cushions. Limited run (two of each design available), £95+vat each; large pink framed mirror, £195+vat 

Above: storage porn. I like how battered these cupboards look, and I especially like them lined up like this as wall storage. That is a good tip. Wall-mounting anything generally gives it a swishier vibe I reckon.

Iroko bedside tables, waxed and restored with lovely dovetail joinery, £145+vat each;
Italian bevel-edged mirror in painted frame, £75+vat; bespoke dining table with steel legs and a patinated solid iroko top salvaged from schools; pair of tubular framed stacking chairs, £75 +vat for the pair

Above: green with blue – don't they look luscious together? And these are excellently unusual shades of green.

1950s turquoise Italian sideboard with three cupboards, numerous storage compartments and glass top, £1750+vat; curved back 1950s Italian sofa in original upholstery, £895+vat; set of 8 Danish armchairs with original blue leather upholstery, £195+vat each; small glass funnel light with green flex and all electrical parts ready for installation, £65+vat

Above: how fantastic is that stone wall? I'm about to catch up with the first episode of Mad Men series 6, and this is just how I imagine the show's take on late sixties style will be. I hope so, anyway.

Black anglepoise lamp, newly rewired,£295+vat; green enamel factory shades. All newly rewired and supplied with flex, £85+vat each; oval shaped coffee table with chamfered edge and spider leg design, £395+vat 

So as not to depress anyone (myself chiefly) I haven't listed every item in these pictures. If you're feeling flush, you can always check the Retrouvius website

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