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Orchard Cafe, London

I was tipped off a while back about Orchard Cafe in central London by contributing ed, Abi, who not only said the food was spectacular, but that the interior was pleasing too.

Since then, I have interviewed its head chef/co-owner, Andrew Dargue about his food twice for the Independent and the Simple Things, but have yet to actually go. Crazy, as I am vegetarian and Andrew is also the founder of the swish Vanilla Black, the UK's only meat-free restaurant to be Michelin-recommended. I need to sort it out. Meanwhile, I have procured a beautiful set of photographs of Orchard's down-home style interior to kick me into action...

Orchard, 11 Sicilian Avenue, London WC1A 2QH 020 7831 2715

Read Time Out's (four-star) review here.

All images by: Samuel Hills, Comoyoko and Kim Lightbody

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