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The joy of a tidy
kitchen cupboard

Did anyone else have as unglamorous (yet deeply satisfying) a weekend as I did? I spent it reorganising the kitchen cupboards. 

God it felt good when it was done. But less so when we started...

And phase one of the improvements is this...

There are more changes coming, ones that will make better photos as they involve replacing shelves and moving cupboard doors several – key – millimetres and adjusting lighting and blinds and probably arranging and rearranging quite a bit of my old tat.

But meanwhile, not to boast, but have you seen the negative space above – and the order* happening on that pasta shelf? Come on.

* Except, that said, I totally can't take the credit for methodically removing everything from every cupboard, putting it in piles according to type, the brutal but fair strictness with the sell-by dates, the neatness of the plastic containers... Lucky me that I live with someone who's a fan of the Things Organized Neatly website.


  1. you are a brave woman! Well done. May you cook in peace, order and harmony.

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  3. Wow there was so much stuff when you emptied your cupboards! I recently gave my kitchen a spring clean - all I did was tidy up and change my kitchen blinds and it felt like a completely new room.