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Boring desk rejuvenator

The product I'm about to share may not have the sort of aesthetics that get me hot under the collar, but there's quite a lot to be said for a product that gives you back some desk space. 

Especially if, like me, you work from home and quite like to tidy things away at the end of the day so your work clutter is a less prominent part of your home-life. But, like me, you also fail...

I've got a a laptop that sits on a complex arrangement of books and upturned Muji perspex thing designed for some other purpose, long since forgotten. It's not that pretty, but better than RSI I guess. (Ew, my shelves are a right mess, aren't they?)

Anyway, so the laptop is on its last legs, which means – hurrah! – so is the messy perspex proppy situation: a proper desk computer is on the horizon. But my desk is small and I want to avoid the same chaos but on a bigger scale. So might this gadget, the Space Bar (£99.95 from be the answer – or is it just too damn techy-looking?

Because this kind of thing has become unavoidable, and it's giving me bad Feng Shui vibes. Whereas this...

...with its six built-in USB ports, looks rather more calming. I'm not keen on those tiny keyboards, mind, and don't think my current beast would slip so neatly beneath. The best gift my mother ever gave me was an enforced and excruciatingly dull typing course in Kingston the summer after I left school. Being able to touch-typing at speed is a skill I value every day – but you do need the right keyboard: my current one writes like a dream but looks a bugger.

How do you keep your desk functional but neat – and pretty?

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