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Paul Farrell's black bear cushions: but what about that sweatshirt?

Last week I wrote about the colourful work of illustration company, Kitty McCall – which you can buy from a design company called Unlimited.

While I was browsing through their other stuff, I found a beautiful bear print designed by Paul Farrell, whose beautiful bird prints I've featured before.

I posted the bear on Facebook and the bear was popular. In fact, there's even been a request to have him made into a sweatshirt. But in the meantime, here is the next best thing: some more of Paul's wonderful graphic animal magic, but printed onto a cushion. They are lovely. And next step, perhaps, wearable textiles? Go on Paul...

It's available from one of my favourite design shops, Howkapow for £45, and comes in several different colour combinations. Howkapow also sell the bear print, but only (boo!) on paper.

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