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FLORA + FAUNA temporary shop for London Design Festival

The imminent London Design Festival (it kicks off in two days, running 14-22 September) may be happening in the capital here, but that doesn't mean you can't get in on things if you're nowhere near the city this month.

White Horses Chase Your Dreams, by Beetroot Press, £28

FLORA + FAUNA is a temporary shop hosted by design agency, Designers / Makers to coincide with the festival – and beyond, as it runs for the whole month. In the flesh, you'll find it in east London but – hurrah! – there is also an online version where you can browse or buy a hearty selection of the nature-themed wares remotely. Here are our favourites.

Art Deco Rose tea-towel, by Lulu and Luca, £11 each

Wall Birds by Anna Wicoombe, £15-£38
Carved oak birds designed to fix on walls with hangers on the reverse side. The family – Coaltits, dontchaknow – cost £38 and the single bird is £15. They measure 7cm x 8cm.

Pigeon print by Scout Editions, £20
I know. More birds. I'm an interiors cliche (did you see yesterday's post about the classic Portlandia 'Put a Bird on it' sketch?). But pigeons are great aren't they? And the description of them that goes with this print bigs them right up, noting that they are in the same family as doves (Columbidae, fyi), and that it was the grey and feathery GI Joe who helped save the lives of over 1000 British troops and civilians in Italy during World War II by delivering a message that saved them from being bombed. He got a medal and everything.

This pigeon print, from Scout Editions, has a lovely textile-y vibe and there are just 40 of these A4 lovelies available, designed, numbered and signed by the artist, Pui, a London-based graphic designer. £20.

Gerald, Millicent, Wayne and Vincent, cat toys by Retro Poodle, £45 each
Steep, perhaps, for a toy. But look at their faces and their outfits!

FLORA + FAUNA pop-up shop, part of London Design Festival 2013, runs until 30 September. Find it at 136 Columbia Road, London, E2 7RJ. Opening times are: Wednesday-Sunday, 11am-6pm @designersmakers

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