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Put a bird on it

Been meaning to post this Portlandia clip "Put a Bird on it" ever since a friend sent me the link. You – like me – may sense some recognition...

It's an oldie but a goodie. In case you have never caught this "hipster-baiting" cult sketch TV show, Portlandia is a barely fictional place around which the comedy is based; the Guardian summed it up as "the capital of the muesli belt, a place where 'artisan' is a religion, plaid is god and baking someone a vegan cupcake is as good as cunnilingus". It is very funny. (And all the more so when you are forced to recognise elements of yourself in it.) This clip in particular is a good reminder never to take interiors too seriously.

It was so popular, it has even inspired a spin-off range of accessories...

Print, Green Grass Design, £6.49

Mug, Perks of Aurora, £10.39

T-shirt,, £17.99

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