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Piet Hein Eek: new wood wallpaper range – over it already?

Piet Hein Eek's Scrapwood wallpaper, which we first covered here in 2011, has now appeared in so many photoshoots and shopping pages that it's almost jumped the shark. Or has it? 

Perhaps that's just what people, like me, who spend every day poring over such photoshoots think. Either way. I still love it: I've long hankered after wood panelled walls – this midcentury kitchen still makes me sigh – and wallpaper is an interesting way to get the look, especially with the sorts of woods that would be a nightmare to install in real life (unless you're hiring Retrouvius to do up your house, perhaps).

Anyway, so yesterday, it was revealed that the Dutch design company has released a new range of designs, along the same theme. So, are we still into wallpaper that looks like wood...

...or do you prefer the real thing?

This reminds me of the beautiful bar built from colourful strips of wood that I saw in a cafe in Brooklyn earlier this year.

This design also comes in a beautiful, soft chalky green too. And how good does that orange look against the grey?

This design is definitely made feasible by being wallpaper rather than real ends of assorted wood.

Pale and interesting?

See the full range exclusively at Rockett St George. It is launched next week, on 2 November, but available to pre-order.

And for a few more ideas on getting some outdoors into your indoors, you might find inspiration in this previous post.

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  1. I never thought they're just wallpapers! They look like real wood! It's nice to decorate your wall with the real thing, but I believe it's advisable to use wallpaper instead. The real ones might be home for termites that can harm your family. The wallpaper may get detached, but you can see to its damages as soon as possible. :)

    Jolene Uhler @