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Introducing... Tali Yalonetzki, Israeli painter

I have fallen in love with this painting. It's called Nature Trail.

And I'm writing about in the hope that someone might buy it, so that I can stop looking at it and thinking: "Should I buy it?" I've been stalking it for weeks, trying to conjure up justifications to splurge.

It's not at all expensive – not for a beautiful and original painting: it costs around£96, and is acrylic on canvas. (I just haven't nailed that justification yet, with Christmas coming up and all. But I'm still working on it.)

The painting is by Israeli magazine illustrator and artist, Tali Yalonetzki who lives in Tel Aviv. Her work is for sale on Etsy at her shop Tush Tush (details below). I love her family paintings too.

Check out Grandparents in Their Yard, above, on sale for £51ish (this one is around 28cm x 28cm, the top painting is a little larger). Such expressive faces.

Both of these are paintings you could just gaze at for hours, creating stories and seeing more each time – as the best art should always make you do. Here are a couple more favourites.

Alida, around £54
Grandma & Grandpa, around £48.

She also produces what she calls Tiny Canvases, 10-12cm x 10cm or thereabouts, and priced at around £13 (I love the one pictured below, called Early 80s). Great gifts. Worldwide shipping, at around £2, is very reasonable too.

Find Tush Tush on Etsy.

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