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Object of the day:
Don't Be Shit print

I love Twitter, and the way you get to e-meet so many interesting people doing brilliant things by a simple re-tweet. 

One such exchange came earlier this week, and led me to discover Lovely JoJo's, an online shop run by sometime copywriter, JoJo Oldham. I thought I was over typography as wall decor. Turns out I'm not. This is excellent, no?

"Life's just better when you're not being shit," explains the blurb about this print at Well, quite. It costs £25 for a signed A2 print, and A4 prints are a tenner.

JoJo, who describes herself as "a northern girl who wears a lot of neon, loves mushy peas and still calls dinner tea", started her business on the side while copywriting for Innocent Drinks. Since leaving there ("an amazing job" she says), she now does her own thing full-time.

She is currently fixated on maps, which is how we encountered one another as I'd just posted about this. Check out her alternative London one "full of crap drawings, musings and mistakes" (her words, obvs). The map came about because JoJo wanted to learn more about the city, she told me by email. "I love doing big pieces which I have to do loads of research for and can learn from because as I get older I feel a real need to get as much knowledge as possible crammed into my brain before I die." There is also a Brighton and Hove map and one of Newcastle, with more in the pipeline. She also sells nice t-shirts and a print that reads "B is for Bollocks". What's not to love?                             

I'll be back next week with an epic gift guide. Laters.

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