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Worst Christmas decorations ever (or the best?)

Our Christmas tree is looking far too sparse. So sparse it could be mistaken for a deliberate attempt at stylishness, which I think is a shame this time of the year when you can get away with so much more. 

Last year we had these chaps as our tree topper. This year... any suggestions? While I was searching for inspiration (OK, while I was procrastinating about doing my tax return) I found some truly excellent festive decor ideas.

What could give you a warmer festive glow than a framed Christmas selfie on the mantlepiece? Especially if you wear a bow or tinsel garland as well as these chaps, spotted in the window of my local photographic portrait studio.

And while we're on the sexy Christmas theme...

I love this room arrangement, from the excellent Ugly Houses blog. Perhaps our tree isn't so sparse after all.

This is more like it.

Last year, I thought I'd found the world's scariest Christmas bauble ever. Apparently not. Get your handmade festive foetal twins from Etsy.

Then again, vintage is always so tasteful...

And bravo for the Etsy maker behind this 'Hangover Santa' bauble.

Do not try these at home.

Not on the High Street sell some lovely things. But enough already with the personalised decorations. Just me?

This, on the other hand, from the same stable... an 80s miserablist indy themed tree? (That is the theme, right?) Nice.

And with that, I'm off to find something even better than Run DMC for our Christmas tree, finish my shopping and stop putting off the tax return. Do have a marvellous one, and don't forget to share the kitschest thing in your home on the Facebook page for the chance to win a lava lamp worth £100. And I'd love to see your Christmas decorations too.

Meanwhile, merry festivities! See you back here on 6 January, bright and early.

Post by Kate

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