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Objects of the day: alternative alphabets

It's been an alphabetty kind of a week. At Home 2014, I loved illustrator James Brown's colourful new letter linocut prints. 

I also came across Anil Mistry's excellent alternative A-Z print via Design Week (where you can see lots of close-ups).

His Icons Alphabet goes something like: D is for David (Hockney), X is for XTC, Q is for Quincy (Jones), K is for Kenneth (Williams)... get the idea. It is brilliant. And costs £25. Mistry sells his work, in short runs and very affordably, at SuperArtClub.

When my friend Holly had her son last year, I wanted to buy a baby gift that both child and parents could enjoy together way into the future.

As Holly and I spent much of our youth trying to look cool smoking and driving while listening to the Tim Westwood show, the Nippaz With Attitude hip hop baby CD was a start (and no mentions of smoking!). But the same shop also sells these very excellent alphabet posters, for £36.99. They used to do it in yellow and, I think, orange but now it's just pink and blue. Still damn fine prints and good life inspiration for young minds.

And if you're nurturing a budding graphic designer or illustrator, what about this?

It is the work of Curtis Jinkins, a graphic designer based in Texas. I think it's beautiful.

The limited edition print costs $40 (about £25, with delivery to the UK at $10, or £6ish). You can buy it from

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