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(Unattainable) object of the day: Royal Crown Derby new Equus collection

Prices have yet to be announced for this new range of tableware by Royal Crown Derby. But know this: it launches at Harrods, and some plates on the RD website cost over 400 quid.

Not all of them mind. Some are on the kinder side of £50. But whether we can afford them or not, please do take a moment to marvel at the beauty...

Don't you love the way the body parts are split between different plates? You get a better idea of how that works here:

Though you can go full horse, single plate too.

Which, if you can only afford one plate, might be the way to go.

The range launches at Harrods on 20 January. If you're in the city, you'll see some of the collection on display in Harrods' windows, as part of its celebration of 2014 as Year of the Horse.

For more equine themed temptation (starting at £7.99), have a look at this post from last year.

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