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Real homes... kitchen trolley suggestions?

The top of this kitchen trolley in my house has been a design conundrum for years. It was originally acquired to provide a side table for the kitchen bench. 

For various reasons that never happened, and now – since the dramatic kitchen table relocation – it isn't really necessary either.

The trolley, due to its generous surface area, immediately became a dumping ground for downstairs clutter – bills and letters, to-do lists, nice things that temporarily have no home, instructions for things and spare bits of other things.

The bottom shelf became the place where a mountain of newspaper cuttings and recipe supplements (and denial) lived. The arrival of the dog, who found the newspaper pile to be a cosy retreat, gave the bottom shelf a better use and it evolved into his official, non-papery bed. The dog is also a reason not simply to ditch the trolley entirely. Where else could he loiter in comfort, waiting for someone to drop something edible?

So what to do with the thing? I've dreamed of creating a glamorous bar area, perfect for a trolley top, but that doesn't really work when said trolley is butted up against a radiator. Any kind of box attracts more clutter. I've been toying with giant ornaments, something with height to balance the tall radiator, but have yet to find anything. Or big lamp? Though that wouldn't take up enough space to remove the temptation of re-filling the trolley top with toot.

And what about a new cushion cover for the Jack Russell? The dirty grey cover in situ should probably get an upgrade... I fancied monochrome chevron, but possibly not the immense clash of fabrics.

There's some progress afoot: the trolley's woodwork is now painted black. It looks much better – don't you think? And the clutter is contained. But the toot box doesn't need to live right there, and the rest – well, it just could look better. Any clever suggestions?

Post by Kate

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