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The Friday edit: the week's best bookmarks

I'm dabbling with making this a regular Friday regular: a round-up of some of my favourite stories from around the web, the homes and design-y things I've bookmarked in the last week or so. 

Let's give it a go.

Clockwise from top left

1. Donna Wilson has designed the interior for the remote Fogo Island Inn, off the coast of Newfoundland. There's a lovely story behind it and the building is incredible. Check it out at Donna's blog, Leaves and Twigs.

2. Close-up images of skyscrapers blur the lines between graphic design and photography. See more of Alexandre Jacques's architectural photographs at PSFK.

3. This print (designed by Marcus Eriksson) appealed because, just like Anna Dorfman, book cover designer and author of the excellent (and also newly discovered) blog, Door Sixteen, I'm going to Sweden too – for the wedding of some friends of my boyfriend in June. Never met them. Never been to Sweden. Love this poster because it made me even more excited about it. And made me laugh.

4. A very 70s Californian beach house – featured on Apartment Therapy, it is the real deal, pile carpets and pine kitchen cupboards and all. Loved it.

5. Peruvian textiles meet mid-century Danish design at A Rum Fellow with their new chair collection. Prices aren't small (£325-£950) so if you, too, can't stretch to the chair check out their colourful Peruvian tape (£7 in the sale) and trim one you already own. Read more about them here.

6. Painted wooden spoons! So simple, yet so pleasing. These ones are from Canadian Etsy shop Storiebrooke.

Good weekend all. What you up to in this grim weather? I'm looking forward to seeing Bill Callahan...

...and other than that, staying at home out of the rain eating cosy food, seeing the lovely Jill and Terence who live in this amazing house, watching Shane Meadows' Stone Roses film with them on the sofa and employing the dog as a hot water bottle.

Post by Kate. Images: Fogo Island Inn; Alexandre Jacques; Marcus Eriksson; Apartment Therapy; A Rum Fellow; Jessica Helwick

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