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#cheaphometricks: Oxfam's amazing woollen blanket range

Last weekend I was in my local Oxfam shop and came across some new woollen blankets. They were really nice.

I found them in the new section, and spent a while trying to decide between colours before picking this one: pure wool and just £12.99.

When I got home I checked on Oxfam's online shop to see if they were on sale there, too (you didn't know Oxfam had an online shop? Junk hunters, you will be in heaven...). Alas, there were none of the same blankets online – but do look out for them in-store... instead I discovered a whole lot of other beautiful blankets: homemade, crocheted, colourful and just as affordable, and with cash going to a good cause, to boot.

Prices start at £9.99 and go up to £60, with most being around the £15-£25 mark. What do you think?

Find the full crochet blanket range here at

Post by Kate


  1. As Oxfam Online's resident upcycling and blanket volunteer, its so lovely to see these gorgeous blankets being appreciated, they're so great! I'm lucky enough to spend all day surrounded by these beauties, and they inspired me to create these upcycled patchwork cushions :)

    All available at

  2. What a nice comment to get. Thanks for making contact - and you have some beautiful work on your own website, as well as the cushions