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Surface View collaborates with the John Hinde Collection

I've written about Surface View and their brilliant wall murals before. 

Highlights, for me at least, have included gems by Hemingway Design and George Stubbs' Whistlejacket, from SV's National Gallery collection. I didn't think it could get any better – and then I heard about the new John Hinde collection...

Regular readers may know of my Hinde infatuation. And if not, and the name means nothing to you, a quick synopsis: John Hinde photography was the British company behind the UK's most iconic postcard images of the 1960s and 70s. 

Gloriously retouched, because real life just wasn't colourful enough, and – as I found out when I tracked down one of the company's original photographers to interview for a piece in the Independent Magazine – also routinely staged, the postcards are now nostalgic reminders of holidays from a bygone era.

The postcards also captured tourist spots all over the world and some of these examples, as well as some of the British ones, have been turned into these giant wall murals by Surface View in collaboration with the John Hinde Collection. The John Hinde Collection is not, in fact, anything to do with the original postcard company; it is a small organisation founded in recent years by two Hinde superfans who acquired much of its photographic archive and have since set about lovingly preserving, restoring and painstakingly re-colour-touching hundreds of the original photographs used to create the postcards.

Above are (from top) the Icod de los Vinos Wall Mural, the Florida Waterway and Beach at Dunn's Falls. Along with the other images available in the range, these cost from: £60 per square metre in wall mural format; £145 for a canvas print; £175 for birch ply prints; £60 for a poster; £125 for a textile wall hanging; £85 for window film; £85 for lampshades. You can even get the image printed onto ceramic tiles, though at £515 that might test even the most hardcore Hinde lover's purse.

Any of the options are a bit of an outlay, but when something is so very special, it's worth blowing the budget.

Find out more and buy at

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  1. Just love these murals, in what seems to be the start of another wet British summer what a great addition to add a much needed lift to a room and the spirit.