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Object of the day: hexagon brass bottle openers

On one hand, £27.50 is a lot to pay for a bottle opener.

On the other hand, when it looks like this... doubles as a miniature sculptural work of art. This isn't a bottle opener, it's a beautiful object to add class to coffee tables, pzazz to show-off shelves and a general air of design-savvy smugness to its owner. AND it opens bottles.

Seems almost a bargain now, don't you think? I found this hexagonal hottie at the very tempting shop, Holly's House. I'd previously browsed this online and actual emporium (the bricks and mortar version is on the New King's Road in southwest London), founded by interior designer Holly Wick. I loved its style though lamented the prices of most of the things I put on my mental shopping list (like this stunning seagull wallpaper).

Then I stumbled across it in the flesh at Clerkenwell Design Week, last Wednesday and spotted this affordable brass beauty. The openers (whatever) are solid brass and pleasingly heavy. A great gift (possibly for oneself).

Find it at Holly's House

More on CDW to come soon by the way...

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