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The Insider: Pretty Pegs does table legs

You may recall my previous posts about Pretty Pegs, a Swedish company that ingeniously makes gorgeous, unusual replacement legs for Ikea sofas.

It's a sort of interiors perfectionist's version of the classic fashionista trick of buying a high street coat and replacing the buttons to designer-ish effect.

Well if you liked those, you'll be excited to know that the company has just launched a new range of legs – but not for sofas...

Yep, you can now buy Pretty Pegs for your Ikea tables.

Above, from left to right: Otto; Siri; Otto; Carl; Alfred; Carl; Estelle; Otto; Alfred

What a classy transformation. And the classic gold-topped Estelle legs are rather reminiscent of this Ikea mid-century original.

Each leg design – there are five – comes in three different colours and, like the sofa legs, are pleasingly off-beat (love the asymmetry in the Alfred design, above). But although the legs are made for Ikea tables, a set of them will set you back considerably more than your original Swedish mega-brand purchase – at 160€ (£130 or $218). Is it worth it?

I'll let you be the judge of that – would love to hear what you think.

Meanwhile, I really like that they've made a series of videos to inspire your inner Ikea pimper. Here's one visual guide to creating your own striking bespoke table from a basic black number (an idea for sprucing my own chipboard desk, perhaps...). You can check out more like it on the Pretty Pegs YouTube channel.

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