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Amara Interior Blog Awards: Vote for Your Home is Lovely

Well, well. I've been nominated for an Amara interiors blog award. How very exciting.

Just click on the image above to vote for me (if you'd like to).

The awards are divided into several categories and Your Home is Lovely has been nominated for – no sniggering those who read about my grouting misadventure – Best DIY Blog. Apparently, the thrust is more about bloggers who get stuck in with glue guns, hammers, paintbrushes (and grout, no doubt), which I certainly do. Perhaps it's time to share the cardboard and glue-gun lampshades I made at Christmas but have been too embarrassed to air... hmm, then again...

Anyway, I'm most happy about it. And if you enjoy what you read and see here, please do click on the giant badge to vote – it takes half a minute. In order to get into the finals, I need to make the top five and there's some stiff competition, let me tell you. Voting closes on 3 October.

The nomination has made me realise just how much DIY has appeared on the blog. Here, in no particular order, are some of my favourite old posts: there's the one where (apparently) I narrowly avoided giving the kitchen a 1980s caravan vibe, the one where I painted a tiny room all in the same brave colour, ceiling, skirtings, door and all and it didn't look like a torture dungeon, the one where an ancient Ikea purchase got swanked up, the one where the kitchen table became utterly baffling and the one where I nearly lost my mind in Berlin. Enjoy! And vote! (Please.)


  1. I voted! Start choosing your outfit, good luck, Miriam x

  2. Just voted for you, I love reading your blog. Good luck!