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Object of the day: insanely cute animal wall stickers for kids

I stumbled across these door decorations from Finland on Etsy. 

If you're prone to being swayed by interiors trends (guilty) you might be thinking: wall-stickers, aren't they a bit 2011? Pah. Just try to think of trends while looking at these nice, friendly faces.

The vinyl stickers are made and sold by a little Helsinki-based company called Made of Sundays and cost around £28 each. What a sweet, inexpensive way to warm up a child's room.

Above (bottom image) is Haru the Bear. The nose, eyes, paws, and so on come as individual pieces, and so the little creatures can be configured to fit on all sorts of different sized surfaces. MoS will also custom make different sizes and designs if you have a special request.

Too cute.

Find them at the Made of Sundays Etsy shop.

1 comment :

  1. Those wallpapers would be the highlight of any room! Very creative indeed!
    - Patrick Tan