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Neisha Crosland's vinyl
floor tiles

Vinyl flooring has been getting better and more interesting in recent years – and is a brilliantly affordable way to get yourself a stylish floor. I have my whole ground floor done in dark grey vinyl, which I love (though it's not quite as good at hiding muddy dog paw prints as I'd hoped...). 

Now the textile designer, Neisha Crosland, has brought out a range which is on sale at John Lewis.

It looks just like old-school ceramic floor tiles, doesn't it? Except you won't break your cereal bowl if you drop it in an early morning daze on this flooring, which costs just £47.89 for 12 tiles (seen individually, below) at John Lewis.

"A painted floor in an old house inspired this Celtic Cross design" says Crosland. "I think it works very well as an alternative to a chequerboard pattern." The tiles come in Charcoal, Sage, Stone or Turquoise. They are available from next month at Harvey Maria. Understated and classy.

From my own experience, vinyl flooring is excellently practical but I wouldn't advise trying to fit it yourself. It shows the tiniest bumps on whatever's underneath it (including joins between MDF boards), so needs very careful preparation of the existing floor to look slick. It can also be more fragile than one would expect and can tear; but only if you drag, say, kitchen appliances across it. Until I had mine fitted, I didn't know you could also get colour-matched caulk, or silicone filler (which may mean nothing if you are not a DIY nerd like me) to give the edges the tidiest finish. A good idea.

Above, an example of Neisha Crosland's more traditional tile designs – these vibrant beauties are the Haveli collection.

Above, clockwise from left Find alternative vinyl flooring also worth checking out from: The Colour Flooring Company, who sell a range of gorgeous vibrant colours in sheet vinyl form, Zazous, which also supplies Victorian-reminiscent patterns and Cath Kidston, whose trademark florals as well as her cowboy print and different coloured dotty designs now come in floor tiles. 


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