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Excellent upholstery

This chair, which I posted on Facebook yesterday after lusting over it on Etsy got a lot of love.

So I thought I'd share it here for anyone who didn't see it (not in the YHIL Facebook loop? Want to be?). And for the sheer celebration of brilliant furniture re-invention, here are a few more too (and don't miss the wonderful job Out of the Dark did for me on a Parker Knoll a few months back, either, posted here). It all makes me wish I had the patience to upholster. Maybe I do... maybe one day, anyway.

African wax cloth armchair Here she is again. You can buy the beauty if you are in the States. Or, like me, you can dream of learning to make one yourself. What makes this chair so glorious is the zingy nature of the fabric combined with the age of the original chair (check out those brass-tipped, tapered feet... beautiful), and the almost obscenity of its depth. It looks extremely comfortable.

A floral flash This sofa is made by a cool Dutch company I have just discovered and which I will be writing more about soon. I love peach and emerald green together, and that the floral cushion is so small; it really stands out. Good sofa for resting your mug of tea on, too, with those arms – though not sure how comfortable it'd be in a sitting room. If you like the walls, by the way, did you see the amazing room I featured a while back where they'd used plywood to clad the whole room, including the floor? It was – surprisingly – beautiful. See it here.

Tasty Peruvian pair These two upright chairs have been tarted up with a Peruvian fabric. If you want to have a look at the transformation taking place, check out the blog post about it on the website of another new shop, A Rum Fellow.

Monochrome marvel This stunning fabric is the work of a South African graphic and textile designer called Sera Holland in her Cape Town studio. There's also a version of this chair with black woodwork, which looks striking; I like how modern the effect is. Black and white do create a very crisp finish. Sera does this design in different colours and on wallpapers and tea-towels and other accessories, in case you are local. See Sera's other designs at her blog, Handmade by Me.

'Mum, I'm on the PHONE!' Oh, those were the days. Telephone in the hall on a special table/stool thingamy. Well, I can't remember them, but I like to imagine that's what it was like in my house anyway. This beautifully olivey design is by one of my favourite re-people who make things, Heather Linnett, aka Eclectic Chair. She is based in Yorkshire and makes stunning antique kimono-covered cushions as well as reinventing pieces of furniture with panache. Her Facebook page is a good bookmark too, if you are an upholstery fancier. Which, if you've got this far, you probably are. Find out more at the Eclectic Chair website.


  1. Loved reading your blog! My interior design taste keeps changing, one minute I love modern, next minute I've purchased traditional pine wardrobes! I'm not sure I'll ever make my mind up!

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