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The Design Junction Shop

I've become a bit obsessed with window shopping at the Design Junction shop since it opened recently. In case you're not familiar: the new retail outlet is part of London Design Festival, which will be all over the city in a couple of weeks. 

The shop is the perfect place to browse if you can't make it to the festival – it also, reassuringly, proves that LDF is not all about very expensive things. Here's my pick of the best bits you can get in the shop for under £20. (You do have to sign up and register on the website to in order to buy from, but it's free.

Hokolo giclee art prints, £18 each (unframed)
These 25cmx25cm giclée prints by Hokolo come in eight different, brightly coloured designs. One would perk up a dingy corner, but a slow collection of a whole wall-full or even a trio could look pretty special.

Dyke & Dean copper ceiling rose, £17; black satin cable grip or ceiling rose, £10
Nope, electrical fittings aren't obviously sexy but it's such tiny details that can make a room sparkle. And copper is tres fashionable right now (trust me, I read it in a trend report). Use these Dyke and Dean fittings with some cable from the guys I got my recent lamp revamping cable from.

Smink Things Tiles, £7-£8 each 
Probably a bit of a cheat price-wise, unless you want to buy two of these 15cm x 15cm hand-made beauties and use them as coasters, or put a pair inside a box-frame. Both noble options. But if you want to do some actual tiling, obviously it'll cost you more than a score. 

This is part of a mix and match range that also includes oven gloves, pot holders and trivets and cushions. This, probably because it reminds me of last year's favourite rug, is my favourite. It is an extra large one too, 50cm x 70cm, so maybe it could double as a tiny blanket.

Lane notebooks, £8 for a three-colour set 
These plain, slim, pocket-size notebooks come as a trio, in light blue, claret and yellow.

Thelermont Hupton Off the Wall pots, £11-£15
If you've ever tried growing herbs in some of Ikea's ceramic, wall-hung cutlery holders (surely I can't be the only one?) you'll know it doesn't work. They are the ones you hang from S-hooks off Ikea kitchen rails and they slope just too much to keep your watering contained. And you'd struggle to build your own living wall DIY style with them. These, however... invisible fixings, designed for plants not cutlery, parfait!

Kangan Arora Garam Pani hot water bottle cover, £18
The textile designer of this bright and cheery winter warmer is originally from the plains of north India and cites her inspirations as including "garish graphics on auto rickshaws and highway trucks, benday Bollywood poster prints, holy cows and a carnival of kites". On one side the embroidery reads "hot water" and on the other, "garam pani", which means hot water in Hindi.

By Kate Burt

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