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Domino magazine (RIP): interiors heaven

It doesn't look very special, but Domino was a joyous American interiors magazine; stylish but still down-to-earth. 

All about budget, and, OK, a bit of budget-blowing. The ethos was good – luscious yet achievable, and packed with practical tips; like Living Etc. felt when it first launched.

I picked up a copy while I had a few hours to kill on a flight stopover at LAX recently and enjoyed the pages almost more than the pancakes and maple syrup that also helped to pass the time. So I was delighted to find – back in the UK – that the website was equally exciting. The bad news? It folded last year – just as I'd decided it was time to subscribe.

The good news? Fans as distraught as I was clubbed together to form a fabulous Flickr group, showcasing all the scraps of the magazine they could muster between them so we can all continue to pore over its pretty but practical interiors porn. Check it out - in the meantime, enjoy these teasers from the group of downhome Domino style...

Fabulous floral tablecloth

Ooh, look at this lush Frida Kahlo-inspired flowery Mexican oilcloth with a bold, hibiscus print. Yum. It also comes in green, yellow, red, orange, pink...

Sadly it's come into my life too late - I had spotted it at Shoreditch's brightly styled Favela Chic bar, in east London, and hoped to find a wallpaper to replicate its sexy sunshine vibes for a wall in my kitchen. But the floral wallpaper out there, I found to be remarkably tame (a post on that will follow soon - there were some gems, just not the right gems for my kitchen wall).

I'd have found a way to hang this though, had I known - especially as it only costs £12 per metre. Find it at VivaLaFrida

Dolls' houses: Mansions
in miniature

For those who adore mid-century design but can't afford the real thing, the answer could be in the trend for Modernist dolls houses... the rest of my piece about Annina G√ľnter's dinky-sized dream home, pictured below with its creator and below, in the homes and design section of today's Independent (and if you want to buy some of Annina's handmade tiny creations, she sells them via her blog, Miniatures by Annina).

'Modern Miniatures' is a group on Flickr, where fans of doll-size mid-century design have posted photos of their spectacular tiny houses. Check it out to feast your eyes on beauties like these, below...

Lifestyle illustration
of the 1960s

Some house porn for fans of 1960s interiors and illustration... 

I hope you enjoy this selection of wonderful images taken from a new book, Lifestyle Illustration of the 60s edited by Rian Hughes (Fiell) as much as I have. It is the first collection ever to be published of the these lovely stylised representations of the era, all taken from the pages of women's magazines of the decade.

The art deco revival: this image, from a 1965 issue of 'Woman's Journal,' shows a red-painted, bentwood bistro chair, not a Sixties design at all. Dating from 1859, it was adopted by the Modernists for its simplicity.

The Conran Shop does bentwood bistro chairs in a bright green or red finish, for £99, See table, with its turned legs, is probably hand-medown pine and Victorian - an era about to become fashionable again thanks, among other things, to an art deco revival. If you can't pick one up at an antique market or on Ebay, the 'Bern Breakfast Table' from, £135, mimics the style well. 

From the firmly geometric to the free-form of the 1960s Prominent pattern was already big in the 1950s, thanks to textile designers such as Lucienne Day, but the look, then, was firmly geometric. As the 1960s rolled in, free-form shapes and bold florals began to gain ground. This image is from a 1960 edition of Woman's Own, anticipated the burgeoning trend. Find original 1960s wallpaper at, which has over 100,000 rolls of the stuff.

Add a contrasting cushion – has a stylish rather than garish selection covered in vintage fabric, from £25.

The sexiest images always seem to be enhanced with a stiff drink - and here, our 1969 sitter slinks seductively in a rattan peacock chair (not to be confused with the far more sedate Hans Wenger seating of the same name).

Rattan peacock chairs are frustratingly elusive, and your best bet is Ebay, Gumtree et al for an original (or try, too, it's excellent). Or else, I have recently seen one for sale at Drink, Shop, Do too – though you'd need to call as they don't sell online.

The original 1951paper lampshade by Isamu Noguchi, inspired a raft of 1960s imitations. Ikea's range of 'Vate' table lamps create the right look, ( from £7.99.

Psychodelia and swinging silhouettes: The style of the colourful late-Sixties illustrations finds an echo in the Scandinavian-inspired work of the modern artist, Jane Foster., for Sixties prints., dedicated to the topic, is well worth a browse.

Read about the background of these illustrations in my piece in the Independent Portrait of a Decade: A new book of historic illustrations offers decorators authentic Sixties inspiration