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John Hinde Butlin's photos one step closer to being hung

I've already touched on my mild obsession with the John Hinde Butlin's series of photos. Now I've framed them, see above (I love these simple white frames from Ikea). 

Eventually my water-themed collection will even make it to the bathroom wall (they're going on tiles, so I want to buy some special extra strong velcro for the job).

Watch this space, or rather - watch the space in front of the loo...By the way - if you want to have a proper look at a hearty array of the Butlin's images, Wessell and O'Connor Fine Art and Photography have them displayed on their site. I am considering filling one entire bare wall in my sitting room with the best bar and dancehall tableaux. Could stare at all those faces, expressions and intriguing interactions for days.

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