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Green and pleasant land

Earlier this week I wrote about how to bring some outdoors inside, and yesterday I featured some beautiful new wallpapers. Today, you get both themes combined (and some fabric to boot).

I fell for Zoffany's Richmond Park print (below) months ago, in an advert for it in a waiting room magazine, and have been obsessed with bold, leafy prints ever since...

It popped back into my head thanks to an email about it I received yesterday, which also included a selection of other leafy lovelies...

Like this, Amy fabric by Sanderson HOME, £26 per metre (on sale soon...). This makes me want to completely re-invent my 1950s/1970s English/Finnish/African mash-up kitchen (lemon-flecked Formica, Alvar Aalto wood, brightly coloured West African wax print cushions). Just love that calming combination of the green print, pale wood and utilitarian white. Next house... 

And this, Fir Trees by Zoffany, which costs £64 per roll from Wallpaper Direct and comes in six different colour combinations (but surely all you'd want is green, right?)

And this, Rainforest fabric from Sanderson, £35.10 per metre from Kingdom Interiors, which feels a bit old-school Laura Ashley conservatory, in a good way. Do check out the link – would love to know if I'm the only one who finds the wicker and leaf overload a Very Good Look... or if it's simply nostalgia for my mum's decor circa 1981. It also comes in a rather special version with orange and black, channelling about a decade earlier, or thereabouts.

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