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How-to... turn a printer tray into jewellery storage

A while back I wrote about some different ways to store jewellery, for those with lots of bling... my friend Abi, who sparked the idea in the first place by sending me this image:

...with a plea for inspiration about a less jumbly way to store it all.  Abi is one of the most organised people I know, she even has really lovely, ordered handwriting that looks like a midcentury take on calligraphy. (While I can only dream of such swish legibility.)

One of the ideas I suggested was to use a printer's tray. This is the one she liked the best, and so she found one and transformed her jumble into...


Looks great, I think. Helped, of course, by the fact that Abi has some very bold and beautiful baubles to display.

So here's what Abi (pictured below, uncharacteristically bling-less) did:

"I bought the tray at Kempton Antiques Fair for £12; got it home and power-washed it (using a Karcher jet wash, from around £100 at Argos, we had one already for cleaning the garden paving) to remove most of the decades of grime then I did a very rough sand to remove any splinters. 

"I had to remove some of the sections, to make room for larger pieces of jewellery (the Tatty D horseshoe, for example), this I did with a tiny modeller's hand saw; very fiddly but easy.

"Once I'd worked out where everything was going I used a combination of picture hooks to hang the jewellery from (small brass screw-in hooks for the earrings, rings and necklaces, and single and double brass picture hooks for the brooches). Once they were in I sanded it down again and decided against liming or varnishing it as I quite like it a little roughened.

"Whole thing cost around £20 to do and a few hours of graft to make! Hey presto: a unique and lovely thing that displays my bling to great effect."

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