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Trevor Burgess exhibition

Tonight I'm going to the private view of an exhibition of paintings by Trevor Burgess. I've posted about Trevor's work here before, which I absolutely love. Especially the series that makes up this show, which takes place in London from today.

'A Place to Live' is a show made up of Trevor's depictions of urban housing; none of it is made to look beautiful and stylish, it just is what it is and – just like London – none of it matches, in style, period or value. He has painted the homes, found in estate agent adverts, onto plywood. I love his democratic approach, the attention he has lavished on the very ordinary: on the ordinary places in which most of us live. Home is home.

'A Place to Live' is on at the Dreamspace Gallery in London's Clerkenwell. It runs from today until 12 December. Find out more on the gallery's website. And if you can't make it down to see the paintings in person, you can get a good look at them all on Trevor's website, under the 'gallery' tab. Just click on 'A Place to Live'.

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  1. i'm glad you made the exhibition Kate, Juliana was there but I couldn't make the private view. I wonder, which was your favourite painting? One of my favourites is the green 60s flat you featured in your previous post about his work. Kind regards Debra x