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Lovely new shop: A Rum Fellow

A Rum Fellow is a new online shop with a bricks and mortar HQ in east London and an unusual angle on interiors style – sort of the Pitt Rivers Museum, as if curated by Elle Decoration.

The couple behind the store are Caroline Lindsell and Dylan O’Shea whose backgrounds are in fashion design and charity work, interests they aim to combine in the stuff they sell. Along with the context of the shop's name, which they hope reflects "the idea of the quintessential British explorer of past glory who returns from global adventures with a rich bounty of unusual items". Have a look...

I mentioned a pair of their beautiful chairs last week, and above is another: folding chair reupholstered in bright Bolivian fabric, £85. They sell old and new stuff, and there are prices for all shopping moods. Double handle vase, £32, Old decanters, £28 (small) and £35.

But what I have fallen for are some of the prints and textiles they have found. Like these, below, by Eduardo Barba, who applies his architectural training to produce graphic pieces that combine maths and simple geometric shapes.

Geometric Issue, Eduardo Barba, A2 size, £28

Hemispherical Neighbourhood, Eduardo Barba, £28

They have a few lovely French composition decorative posters too; from 1960s French classrooms, these were used to help children to use colour more imaginatively in their artwork, £24 each.

And these cushions are made in Peru and each of the bright designs can take up to a month to make. This one is the Tetrus Jungle Bolster cushion and costs £95. Prices go up from there for the textiles range, but you should have a window shop because they are beautiful. Read more about the provenance of these fabrics on the Rum Fellow blog and see more textile designs here.

These unusual Katsina dolls are a luxury purchase too, at £115 a-piece. But each doll represents a Katsinam, the spirit messengers of the universe according to Hopi American Indian beliefs. Each doll is unique, carved by hand from the root of a cottonwood tree and hand painted. The dolls measure 14.5cm and have a hanging loop at the back. 


  1. Such a colourful post - I love it! Especially the Geometric Issue print, my birthday is coming up and that is definatley going on the list :)

  2. Great post. My dad and I bought my mother that large decanter in the seventies. She has attempted to get rid of it many times over the years, luckily I managed to stop her. It's a bit of a family joke that whenever I go home she says 'Yes, it's still there, in the same place it has stood for 40 years!'

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