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Wish I was here...

Postcard courtesy of The John Hinde Collection
...but I'm at home in London. However, I am away – kind of, as I'm taking a blog holiday for the rest of August. 

Among other things (like getting finishing painting the door-frames I began four years ago, getting some pictures framed that have been waiting about three years, and picking up an eBay wardrobe from Dartford) I shall be working on the blog behind the scenes. It needs some love and attention. And I need some time to put my focus elsewhere, work-wise, for a short while. But I'll be back in September, just in time to get excited about the London Design Festival.

Meanwhile, if you like this 1970s Cornish postcard, you can read all about the story behind it in this earlier post, and on the other website I edit, Below the River. Or check out the John Hinde Collection (link in caption). Or just have a good old rummage around the site via the little "you might also like" preview boxes below this post.

And if you're away – have fun and holiday HARD.

x Kate

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