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The Friday Edit #4

A few of the best design stories on the internet this week...

1. Did you catch the Guardian's sorrowful ode to Ikea's Expedit shelving this week? In honour of the ubiquitous storage system, three of its best moments: some excellent Expedit hacking at homes blog, Dans Le Townhouse (bottom right); 20 real spaces featuring Expedit at Inthralld included this very good bench seating version (left and also, from Inthralld, top right); it also led me to discover Ikeaspotter, a site dedicated to collecting instances where the Swedish megabrand appears on TV and in films (a little too much time on one's hands...?). In this instance, Expedit pops up in the Big Bang Theory.

2. Designboom reports that Zaha Hadid is on the shortlist for the grand – and controversial – rebuild of Crystal Palace, on the site of the original victorian building, which burned down in 1936.

3. Research into colour psychology collated by a window shutter company has found that shades of blue around your dining table may prevent over-eating.
4. And finally. Remember the early 90s New Age travellers? And the massive rave thousands of them went to in Castlemorton that went on for a week, got the Daily Mail sweating about the danger of "repetitive beats" and wound up invoking the Criminal Justice Bill? Check out one of the surviving relics, in this video tour of travellers' homes.

Back on Monday, have good weekends.

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